To Sell Is Human: Daniel H. Pink

Book Review: To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink


There lies an immense drive in all of us to communicate, express and share our emotions with others depending upon various situations and areas of life we are in currently.

The book To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink reflects a new dimension on the Art of Persuasion, Conveying and Influencing others in life using our inner evolutionary driven reflex actions. As what author suggests that selling is engraved in our genetic code and upbringing which isn’t needed to be learned or driven externally. It is in our evolutionary behaviour which lets us reflect in multiple dimensions.

Parents sell their kids the very basic idea of care , persuade to do, behave and act in a certain way they wish their kids should do, Spouse sell the ideas to their partners expressing emotions or to make them do a certain act like mow a lawn or do the laundry. Student and Professionals sell their skills in schools and professional culture to earn education and money in exchange of their time. 

To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink throws an astonishing fact in the art we sell our self image to the world, social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram and Matrimonial Sites either to build our self image or find the perfect match. 

With the help of analysis , tools research Pink has extended his knowledge in presenting a real case scenario in explaining that sales isn’t what it used to be. He has showcased a set of rules, tips, tricks, excercises for succeeding on the new domain of human mindset in the art of persuation and convincing skills. 

To Sell Is Human has showcased that selling is a form of day to day activity which helps us to evolve as an overall human being and perform lively hood. Pink has presented – 

  • Six New Ways to pitch your ideas.
  • Three Ways to understand another’s perspective
  • Five frames that can make our message clearer. 
Final Words / Conclusion – On a final remark I would surely recommend this book as I believe Pink has exposed a new insight about the conniving tricks of this slippery trade, and more of a human guide to how sales might work and be successful in the 21st Century.   

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